The VB Club

April 18, 2017

Introducing The Vegasbreaker Club

Check out the info below or just email us and join today:

For the last couple years we’ve been on to something really big in the sports gambling world and in the summer of 2016 we decided it was time to share it with the masses. We created a website and started firing out our system prop plays, not knowing the commotion we were about to cause. Within a month we had hundreds of people taking our plays and hitting for big profits. Some of the biggest online sportsbooks in the world took notice and started taking protective measures. Our website was monitored and our plays were altered, deleted, and juiced after they were posted. -115 would change to -165 moments after our tweets went out, the books were on alert and they weren’t going to let us hammer them. “Juicegate” was real!

Our response to Juicegate was to form a small club (50 members max) and share our props with a private group. To stay true to our roots, we decided to offer club membership for a nominal donation (less than $20 a week) and focus on keeping our core group together. So far the results have been great! We’ve made more than $30,000 in profit and the club is still going strong!

The Vegasbreaker Club

  • Daily props sent directly to your email. Expect anywhere from 1-15 picks in a day depending on the time of year and the match-ups. We never force plays, we only send out what our system produces. On average you can expect 3-5 plays per day.
  • We cover almost all major sports; MLB, NHL, NFL, College Football, and rare NBA plays. If you are looking strictly for NBA props, we do not recommend our service. It’s our goal to only provide proven picks with a historically high winning percentage (>65%), we currently do not have such a system for NBA.
  • Access to LEAN plays which have been killing it this year and are based off a new prototype system we are working on. This system needs a full season of test but it could be the future for us.
  • Once every couple months or so we take a side or a total when the numbers are overwhelmingly favorable. Very rare for us, but these side or total picks have done very well and will be for members only.
  • Periodic Vegasbreaker newsletters that give insight on prop trends and crazy ideas we are having success with.
  • A private email address where you can reach us with any club service or prop related questions and receive a timely answer.
  • Vegasbreaker Club Membership

    • Club membership will be limited to ONLY 50 MEMBERS! This will ensure we aren’t getting juiced on the picks and everyone can hopefully get all wagers placed.
    • We ask for a $75 donation for a one month membership, your support is much appreciated. We put a lot of work into producing our picks and pride ourselves as the best value on the internet.

    If you’re interested in joining, please email us at and include “Club Membership” in the subject line.

    All personal email addresses are kept completely private and not used for any other purpose. Depending on how the juice situation goes we will potentially open more than 50 spots in the future, but there is no guarantee.

    Thank you for your consideration. We work hard to supply the best picks on the internet, let’s cash big this weekend!

    Note: is for entertainment purposes, we don’t condone illegal gambling. Check your local gambling laws if you are thinking about placing a wager.