Stay Away From Touts!

October 4, 2016

The snake oil salesmen known as Gambling Touts have plagued the sports world since the days of 900 numbers. Unfortunately the emergence of the internet has only given them a wider reach and a larger group of suckers to take advantage of. Internet touts are constantly changing identities, lying about their profits, and doing desperate branding moves such as using animal or cartoon avatars.  This “industry” has truly become a race to the bottom. But regardless of their personalized methods, the same losing tactics are always used:

  • Most Touts have wacky names to not only hide their identity but to market themselves. We’ve seen everything from cartoon avatars to grown men dressing up like animals to give their picks.
  • Picks are given ridiculously abstract titles to get customers excited- 20Dimes! Power Play! MVP Pick! Crusher Pick! 1000 Stamps!
  • Units are used in very creative ways to instill fake value. You’ll see a tout say “We are up 20 units this week!” But of course they fail to mention each of their picks are 15 units a pop!
  • They never have a day without a pick- even if the sporting events don’t merit a play. Value perception for their subscription package is more important than value in the line.
  • There is ALWAYS a play on every big nationally televised game. Games like the Super Bowl are usually games you should NOT bet, but touts will have their biggest plays of the year.
  • Wins are acts of brilliance while losses are explain away with every excuse you can think of.
  • Record keeping is shady at best and in many cases only the wins are talked about. Losses tend to disappear and records are adjusted on the fly.

But the one thing all Touts have in common- they are beating their heads against the Vegas wall and in the long term you will not only lose your betting money but you’ll also lose the money you paid them. Our service takes a completely different approach to sports gambling.

If you’ve fallen victim to a tout, check out our Tout Pity Policy:

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