September 10, 2016

Our bets span a number of sportsbooks so it’s important to have accounts with multiple books.  Betting is a game of inches so any advantage we can get is worth the initial setup of these accounts.  The books we use are very well known, quick to setup, and on the top tier of customer service.

Bovada – (Click Here For A Sign Up Bonus)

  • Our first stop for props as they tend to have the most offerings.

5 Dimes – (Click Here For A Sign Up Bonus)

  • Aside from being a very solid all-around book, we always check 5Dimes to see if our targeted props are being offered at better juice than our other books. The difference in 5 or 10 points can really add up on days where we bet 3 or more plays.

Jazzsports (click here)

  • Jazzsports is a must have if you are serious about props. They have a collection of props that very few other websites offer and you can avoid the juice of the more populated books.