Our System

September 10, 2016

If you’re like most people then your scope of gambling probably extends no further than Points Spreads, Moneylines, and Totals.  These carefully monitored offerings are the mainstay of Vegas and have been tuned with amazing accuracy for decades. When you place a bet you are essentially paying a 10% surcharge to try to defeat the best and brightest handicappers in the world. Sure you’ll click the right box some of the time, but over the long haul this type of betting is more likely to buy your bookie a new car than it is to leave you with a profit.

But what if there was another way to bet? A type of wager that even Vegas itself tries to discourage bettors from taking.

At VegasBreaker.com we focus on statistically advantaged PROP BETS.  Our handicappers spend hours everyday combing through the hundreds of props offered by sportsbooks in hopes that a handful of them will meet our statistically significant criteria.  Unlike internet touts, we can’t guarantee there will be a play everyday or even every week.  Simply put, we aren’t in the business of entertainment- we are in the business of making money.

Why Props?

Prop bets have developed an undeserving negative connotation over the years. They are seen as micro-bets that can’t be reasoned and are based more on random events than skill or performance. While this is true for many prop types, an experienced handicapper can find extremely advantaged lines in the right prop offering. Our team includes Vegas and sportsbook insiders who have studied odds and used models for profit over an extended period of time.  Our models are tested and proven before we start releasing picks, YOU are not our guinea pig. While we aren’t prepared to share all of our secrets and perspectives, here are some of the reasons we love props:

  • Props have less variables. Focusing on one small aspect of a game reduces the number of factors involved.
  • There can be direct correlation between statistics and props.  For example, a “Free Throws Made” prop can be correlated with Free Throw % and Average Free Throws Made.
  • Trap lines don’t exist in the prop world.  Most of these are strictly number based, eliminating the psychological advantage of bookmakers.
  • Props tend to vary wildly from book to book, rewarding those who are diligent enough to hunt down the right line.
  • Think about it- props are the ONLY offerings that Vegas has a hard limit on (usually $200). That should tell you all you need to know.

The Downside of Props

While props can be very profitable, they aren’t for all bettors and in fact most people do not have the natural tendencies to bet them properly. A few different factors contribute to making props cumbersome to play:

  • Since props vary from book to book they often require an affiliation with more than one book and a lot of vetting. (We do the vetting for you)
  • The typical bet limit of “to win” $200 means props aren’t suited for the high roller gambler who wants to put thousands on the line.
  • Watching props isn’t always exciting. Cheering for a strikeout or a scoreless draw isn’t exactly the best way to spend a Friday night.
  • Props do not always align with your schedule. Sadly there might not be a prop for that Monday Night Football game you are going to watch.

Become a Prop Bettor

If you’re looking for a statistical advantage against Las Vegas and you aren’t caught up in the hype of “entertainment betting” then you should seriously consider following our system and becoming a PROP better.  If you have a passion for betting spreads and totals then consider following our plan to complement your betting and build your bankroll. Read below to learn the specifics of our system and then get started for FREE!

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